Lessons by Skype/Zoom

Using all the mod-cons – Brett teaches musicianship/theory/composition via Skype or Zoom or other video-conferencing platforms.

With the advantages of scanning work, email, SMS, and Skype/Zoom audio and video, why not have a ‘virtual’ lesson? You can meet in real time, ask questions, discuss concepts, and share the same scores, all from the comfort of your own home. Payments can be made by EFT and you have saved time and transport costs, and have the advantage of being able to share screens to surf the web for references or to hear music while ‘in class’.

If you thought you didn’t have time to learn music theory, think again!

See the Lessons/Teaching page or go to the Contact page to ask more.

Comments from students:

  • LMusA Theory Musicology student: “Thanks again for excellent lessons (and enjoyable)”
  • Composition student: “I’m really enjoying our lessons, learning new things!”

MTA Accreditation

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