Ever thought about commissioning a special piece of music?

Brett has published over 50 compositions in Australia and abroad and has been performed in several countries.   His music has been recorded for CD and DVD and has been broadcast on radio in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Why not consider asking Brett to write a special piece for your wedding ceremony, or a special birthday, a family reunion, or work celebration?

Brett has written a piano solo for a 60th birthday, a choral work for a 30th birthday, and choral music to celebrate a choir tour, and for a special recording, as well as a choral work just to say thanks!

Brett specialises in music for choir but has written for organ, orchestra, handbells, cor Anglais, recorder, strings, brass, and many ‘broken’ consorts.

Brett is a liturgical music expert, and has won prizes for his liturgical compositions – why not a piece in memory of a loved one at their anniversary, or to celebrate a service or Mass marking a significant wedding anniversary?

Be in touch and ask.   Rates are very competitive!

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